Random Dutch Bonbons

Dutch Bonbons My dad went to Utrecht recently and bought my family some chocolate bonbons from a woman at a window in the rail station. They mostly stayed intact during shipping from Atlanta to San Francisco, besides the atomic green white chocolate, which got squashed.Two of the bonbons were buttercream, but not like any I’ve had before – the fillings were much, much fluffier. The squashed white chocolate piece might have been pistachio (which would explain the color) and another piece was an orangey-brown and might have been hazelnut , but the light, airy texture stood out more than the flavor. The dark chocolate piece pictured below had a layers of buttercream and lemon filling, was an interesting combination and tasted much better to us. The two pralinés, white and milk, were our favorites. They each had a smooth chocolate ganache over a caramelized, nutty layer. I preferred the milk to the white, which was a little sweet for my taste.
dutch chocolate

Pretty interesting experience, and mostly pleasurable, though the colors used in some of the fillings scared me.

dutch chocolate

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