SF Chocolate Salon

The 3rd Annual San Francisco International Chocolate Salon is coming up on Saturday, March 21. After attending the past two chocolate salons, I’m excited about this year, especially since it’s been ramped up.

The number of participating “chocolatiers, confectioners, wineries, and other culinary artisans” has increased from around 30 in 2008 to over 50.  It does look like only about 40 of the participants are chocolate companies, with other participants ranging from a company with a chocolate video game to the New York Times.

Even more exciting: the salon will be taking place in a larger space at the Fort Mason center, with ten times the space of 2008. Having space to move around will definitely lead to more chocolate enjoyment, especially when I think back on last year’s overcrowdedness and cramped space.  Some of my favorites from last year (Amano, Coco Delice, Poco Dolce) will be attending, and I’m looking forward to learning about new companies.


One Response to “SF Chocolate Salon”

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