I’ve been a chocolate lover my whole life, but in late 2007 I started researching and seeking out chocolate I hadn’t tried before. In this blog, I’ll be documenting my experiences tasting chocolate bars and bonbons as well as my experiments using chocolate.

6 Responses to “About”

  1. el bakkali haitham Says:

    good luck with your project i really love choclate and want to know evry thing about it

  2. Andres Says:

    Hi, great reviews…. I want to know more about you, can I send you samples of our chocolate???

  3. chocophile Says:

    I would like to trade links with you.
    Mine is: chocolateratings.wordpress.com
    Let me know if you’re game.

  4. Alyssa Mathews Says:

    Hi Chocolate Monster,

    I saw your review of Coco-luxe and wanted to let you know about a deal: Today and tomorrow, take 50% off truffles from Coco-luxe. For more details, click on the deal http://deals.livingsocial.com/

    We also have a very exciting referral program. Each person that signs up through your link will get $5 Deal Bucks to spend on their first purchase. When they spend it, you’ll get $5 Deal Bucks too! 

    Please, feel free to email me with any questions.  Thanks for LivingSocial!


  5. Lynn Chang Says:

    I wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog and have you listed on my blog roll at Chocolate Grail, http://www.chocolategrail.com which is an online directory of fine and artisan chocolates.

    I would love to be listed in your Blog Roll, but understand and respect your policies…nevertheless I love your site and think my readers will too..

  6. David Says:

    We would love to see you continue your chocolate tasting quest! Let us know which chocolates you would like to try and we would be happy to send them your way!

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