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SF Chocolate Salon

March 18, 2009

The 3rd Annual San Francisco International Chocolate Salon is coming up on Saturday, March 21. After attending the past two chocolate salons, I’m excited about this year, especially since it’s been ramped up.

The number of participating “chocolatiers, confectioners, wineries, and other culinary artisans” has increased from around 30 in 2008 to over 50.  It does look like only about 40 of the participants are chocolate companies, with other participants ranging from a company with a chocolate video game to the New York Times.

Even more exciting: the salon will be taking place in a larger space at the Fort Mason center, with ten times the space of 2008. Having space to move around will definitely lead to more chocolate enjoyment, especially when I think back on last year’s overcrowdedness and cramped space.  Some of my favorites from last year (Amano, Coco Delice, Poco Dolce) will be attending, and I’m looking forward to learning about new companies.

ChocolateSmith Dipped Ginger

May 5, 2008

ChocolateSmith Dipped Ginger

I saw a great variety of bonbons and dipped chocolate items at Chocolate Covered, but this dipped ginger piece made by the ChocolateSmith really grabbed my attention. According to the description, it’s sake soaked ginger smothered in dark chocolate. I love the combination of ginger and chocolate, and the inclusion of sake sounded interesting.

Out of the wrapping, it smelled like citrus. I cut one of the pieces in half to get a better look at it. The ginger was really beautiful, translucent with a squishy consistency. Taste-wise, the dark chocolate was a great contrast to the crystallized ginger, which was both spicy and sweet. The sake taste was very mild; it tasted mostly like crystallized ginger to me, a bit sugary with the spiciness of the ginger taking over in the aftertaste. Overall, good flavor that means it can be eaten in small quantities – half of the chunk above (with three pieces of ginger) was enough for me.

ChocolateSmith dipped ginger - inside

According to their website, the ChocolateSmith is a chocolate boutique located in Santa Fe, NM. They use mostly organic and local products. Chocolate Covered carries a few of their items, but more can be purchased through their website.

(Near) death by chocolate

April 13, 2008

Even though my allergies tried to keep me away, I made it to the chocolate salon today – details to come. The problem with having so much chocolate in one place is that a person (me) might end up consuming much more then usual (one or two pieces from a chocolate bar), which, combined with being slightly ill, does not end up very well. Late in the afternoon, I almost felt like the people in these SNL “Death by Chocolate” clips posted over at Serious Eats.

(I’m just kidding, chocolate! I know you would never willingly hurt me.)

San Francisco International Chocolate Salon – April 13, 2008

April 7, 2008

The 2nd Annual San Francisco Chocolate Salon will be taking place on Sunday, April 13, at the Fort Mason Center in SF. I had a wonderful time attending last year, and so did a few other people – an estimated 2000 people attended, when the event took place over a weekend. This year, since the salon is only happening on Sunday (from 10 to 6), over 1000 people are expected to show up, desperate for chocolate. Some of the participants from last year are returning (Amano, Charles Chocolates, Poco Dolce), and others are new (Scharffen Berger, Christopher Elbow, Chuao Chocolatier).

Over 25 chocolate companies in one place, as well as presentations and demos? I’ll definitely be there, probably for most of the day. Be careful, though, the likelihood of going into a chocolate coma is high.


March 13, 2008

I spend a lot of time eating chocolate, thinking about chocolate, and talking about chocolate, so I thought I might as well start writing about it, too.  I’ll be documenting my experiences on this blog.