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Godiva European Dessert Truffles

November 16, 2008

Godiva truffles

I got a postcard in the mail to sample two truffles from Godiva’s European Dessert Truffle collection.  I don’t especially care for Godiva; their truffles are generally too sweet, and their fruity truffles taste like jam rather than fresh fruit.  Still, I can’t say no to free chocolate, so I stopped by a store today.

I asked the salesperson if she had any favorites in the group, which includes Creme Brulee and Bananas Foster, and she admitted that she didn’t.  She said she didn’t like fruity truffles (which I understand, if you’re selecting from Godiva pieces), so the only one she sort of liked was the Chocolate Souffle.  I picked that truffle, as well as the Caramelized Apple Tarte.

Caramelized Apple Tarte: Very sweet.  The filling is all right – tastes like caramelized apple, with sugar, apple, and plenty of cinnamon.  The milk chocolate shell is very sweet and creamy, and the chocolate flavor is barely noticeable.

Chocolate Souffle: The filling is mousse-like, though still a little dense, and not as fluffy as the Dutch bonbons I’ve had before.  Even though this truffle has a dark chocolate shell, it’s still overly sweet, as is the filling.

I guess if you like sweet bonbons and don’t particularly care if the taste of chocolate is prominent, then the caramelized apple tarte truffle might work for you.  The chocolate souffle truffle is more chocolatey, but boring in comparison, and not good enough at what it does to merit purchasing.  I’d recommend avoiding Godiva, unless you’re going for the G collection, created by Norman Love.